the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING the disco hallway at O'Hare + kind cab drivers filled with unexpected spiritual knowledge + Mother Mary in the woods + my accessories package from Thred Up + Hello Fresh + pumpkins on the porch of the Bell House + mapping dreams + the promise of cooler weather

I don't know if it's the dark moon or a combination of things, but I've been low energy and pulled in this week. I went on a retreat last weekend, which I think is supposed to make you feel refreshed and rested, but I came back feeling tired.

Two things my soul is asking me to do right away - a trip to the pumpkin patch and a long walk in the woods.

What's your soul asking of you?

Links I loved this week:

(I love subscription boxes and personality testing) The Perfect Subscription Box for you Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

A Holy High: How Hildegard Found Her Inspiration Grounded in the Garden

The Gift of Oil in Autumn

The New Midlife Crisis for Women

where's your anger?

Why We Feel the Need to Explain Ourselves and Justify Our Choices

This is absolutely stunning.


I have a thing about scarves. This is my latest, snagged from Thred Up along with a pair of Fly London boots.


We took the dogs up to the park one night this week and discovered pumpkins on the front of the Bell House.

I love them.

So much.

Naming love and delight is my weekly medicine. It reminds me of what is beautiful and true and good in the world. 

What did you love this week?

Have a beautiful weekend, my friends.