the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING chant + black & white photography + my neighbors going all in on their Halloween decorations + a trip to the apple orchard + dark indie folk + free HBO (Big Little Lies! The Jinx! Nothing Left Unsaid!) + moving slowly + sunshine and cool air (my favorite.)

You know how much I love Halloween.

This bittersweet time of the year is so evocative. It pulls me back into another time, a nostalgia for something I never actually lived, a place I've never been and know well. 

I savor every moment of this - the damp chill, the falling leaves, the smell of woodsmoke, the wild. I savor it and it breaks my heart.

This dying time of the year is when I feel the most creative, the most drawn to beauty, the most alive.

My neighborhood (our houses have history. And ghosts) hosts an array of Halloween activities. Tonight, it's ghost stories around a bonfire in the park. Tomorrow, it's Adult Trick-or-Treat.

I didn't have the budget or the energy for an elaborate costume this year, but I'm dusting off my leopard print witch hat and dipping into my box of wigs.

I don't have the calorie budget for my usual front porch table of Halloween night deliciousness this year either, but I just may mix a can of pumpkin into a box of brownie mix and see what happens.

The true light never hides the darkness but is born out of the very center of it, transforming and redeeming. So to the darkness we must return, each of us individually accepting his ignorance and loneliness, his sin and weakness, and, most difficult of all, consenting to wait in the dark and even to love the waiting.
— Helen M. Luke
All Hallows    Acrylic on Canvas    20 x 24

All Hallows

Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 24

Naming love and delight is my weekly medicine. 

Why don't you join me?

What did you love this week?

Have a peaceful weekend and a wonderful Halloween.