the love list + a full moon studio talk

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING costumes + clary sage, lavender and cedarwood in my night time diffuser + NaNoWriMo + candles burning + fresh apple cider + bright leaves against grey skies

I'm working in a new journal with heavy card stock pages. I keep reminding myself that it's okay to mess it up, that nothing I create there has to be pretty or successful. It's all an attempt to free my hand and get into the art-making shadow.

November is here and I'm feeling the seasonal shift.

Links I Loved This Week

Old New York, Seen Through a Cab Driver's Windshield

90-Year-Old Czech Grandma Turns Small Village Into Her Art Gallery

This is on Netflix, and it's so good Joan Didion The Center Will Not Hold

Did you know you can turn rose petals into clay beads?

Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside the "Witch's House" in Beverly Hills

My neighborhood does a great Adult Trick or Treat in addition to normal Trick or Treat. We're big on Halloween around here and this year was great, as always.


A few weeks ago, a neighborhood pug got loose and someone brought him to our house, thinking he must be hours. We, of course, entertained him (we love pug guests!) until he could be reunited with his humans. Well, his humans gifted us with the loveliest basket on Halloween night. It was so kind of them and truly touched us. 


I've been working on listing things in the shop this week. Check out the Small Saints. They make great gifts!

Full Moon Studio Talk

The moon is full in Taurus and I'm talking in the studio about what intuition means to me and ongoing changes around here:

I was on Megan Monique's Peace in my Mind podcast. You can check out our conversation here.

You can book your coaching session or intuitive reading here.

This is the deck I'm using in this video.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.21.46 PM.png

Naming love...

is self-care. 

It's a reminder that no matter how dark or chaotic the world seems, we can always choose to hold the light and ground ourselves in what is good and just and delightful. I hope you'll join me.

What did you love this week?