the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING front porch times + rain + bright golden sun + family birthdays + flowing tunics + conversations with my coaching clients + the original Jane Fonda workout + the fact that, when cleaning out my bookshelves, I discovered two paperback copies of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (made me laugh.)


I'm headed out today to St. Mary of the Lake. I'm accompanying my mom to a philosophy of ed conference. It's gonna be stormy, but I'm hoping I can catch a break in the weather long enough to sit at the grotto and admire the lake.

Links I Loved This Week

The Soul's Migration: Following a Holy Direction

Fin and feather, flesh, blood and bone: the earth calls its creatures to leave the familiar, turn again into the unknown; to move steadily and continuously and at great risk toward an invisible goal, expending great energy with the possibility of failure…
— Marianne Worcester
Teresa says that in the seventh mansion, like watching the rain falling from the sky into the river, you can no longer tell the water that falls from the sky from the water of the river. You and God can no longer tell each other apart from each other. Here even the tribulations of life are realized to be the Beloved flowing endlessly as a kind of intimate gift of being human on this earth. There is nothing missing, because even the experience of the missing of love is the Love. It’s the Love giving itself to you as the intimacy of the yearning for love.

Tía Milena/Milena Tía: The Bittersweet Gift of Auntiehood

Spiritual and Cultural Appropriation | Pt. 1

Autumn Reverie

If I lived at the beach, I would make pineapple o'lanterns.

Six Calorie Cookies? Sign me up!

I am loving Lotus Gate, my custom blended body spray from Nishaan. I highly recommend making an appointment with her and getting your own.


Naming the delights of my week is an act of self-care and preservation, it's medicine to help me cope with the current energies - the horrors I see in the news everyday.

Naming what we love anchors us to love. 

What did you love this week?