the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING the insights I'm discovering in writing my Studio Love Story + hot tea + the sun + meeting the faces in the sketchbook + clearing and forgiving old money stories + lovely people coming over to buy and commission paintings + finding new Facebook groups that feel like a good fit for me + wintery lights.

Our eldest niece was in town this week and we had dinner in the Barn at the Summit. It was fun and delicious.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
We are taught to believe that our mind determines our life, but it’s our heart, our intuitive heart that wins the day. Our mind left to itself tends to fall into depression or defiant determinism while our heart can open the windows of our spirit to flood our lives with light.
You have the gift. You have had it since you were very young. You have the gift of vision. You can see between the spaces that separate the people around you. You can see how they really feel and what they really want to do. You can see between the cracks of the world you inhabit. You can catch glimpses of what is to come and why. You can see the movement of the Spirit, shaping life even as you live it. You have the gift, the gift of deep insight and spiritual perception. Honor that gift in yourself and use it to bind up what is broken, to restore what is lost, to heal what needs to be seen.
— Steven Charleston

My personal focus right now is on calm and restoration. The past few months my TMJ has become severe, so I have constant pain in my teeth, jaw and left eye. It causes blurry vision and at times the pain is acute. 

I'm doing yoga for TMJ, listening to binaural beats music, using lavender, peppermint and frankincense oils and trying to gently guide my thoughts and my energy into peaceful places. 

The body talks.

And I do love that there are so many natural ways to address imbalance. It's a wondrous world and we are supported in it.


Naming what I love

Is self-care.

It's spiritual practice.

It grounds me and reminds that life is good.

Join me.

What did you love this week?