the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING pie baking + walking through what's left of the leaves + closet clearing + Hallmark movies (I know, I know) + sweet rest + Anessa's photos from Little Wing Hollow.

We had a small fun gathering yesterday with delicious foods.

Sillines abounded.

My mouth this morning tastes salty. Very salty.


I made two pies, a pumpkin and a pecan. Every year I think maybe I'll branch out with my pies and make something different. I had my eye on a cranberry custard this year. But in the end, it has to be pumpkin and pecan.

Today, our celebrations continue with my brother in law's birthday. (Brother in law, once removed? What's the brother of your sister in law?)

So, more food today, a bonfire, maybe a bourbon-based beverage, and definitely, no shopping.

Okay, maybe just a tiny bit.


The Links I Loved This Week

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Oh, I also made Tracy homemade cinnamon rolls on Thanksgiving morning. I do this maybe once a year - less often, actually. So, it's a big deal. For a guy who loves cinnamon rolls.

Full discosure: They didn't really rise. They still tasted good.

I'm so deeply grateful for this life and for you, my friends.


Naming what I Love

Is weekly spiritual practice. It reminds me to focus on that which feeds me. It reminds me, the world is good. Join me. What did you love this week?