the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING natural peanut butter on seed toast + gnome candles + working on Christmas commissions + my new desk arrangement (I love switching around furniture!) + hot cocoa at night + pink sunsets +  Bright Lights - a documentary about Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

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Did November seem fast to you? 

It was a blink of the eye to me.

It was a year ago that Tracy and Rocky and Woody and I had to flee a forest fire and I'm thinking about all that's happened in that year.

A lot.

The Links I Loved This Week

Behold the One Who Comes

What is your way within your movement?

Why Hormones Are at the Root of Your Anxiety + 4 Natural Ways to Heal

What does it mean to trust your intuition?

Do You Dream of Being Famous? Act Like You Are.

Theological Violence Toward the Divine Feminine & Rape Culture


Here we go into December.

I hope you are keeping yourself warm with light, eating nourishing foods, engaging in that which makes you feel whole and seen and supported.



Naming what I love...

Is weekly self care. It reminds me to focus on what is good and beautiful and just. Join me? What did you love this week?