the last instagram round-up of 2017 + a goodbye to the year

My friends.

It's New Year's Eve, the last day of December and the last day of the year, and I'm rounding up my favorite Instagram images from the month.

I love Instagram because it's all about small moments and beauty. 

I'm so fond of these dress trees. I think if I had one, I'd keep it up in my house year-round. I spied this one at Indigo Salon + Wellness.

The Church of the Ascension in Knoxville, where I witnessed the consecration and ordination of the new bishop.

Sweet studio boys.

Sunrise Bakery is one of the warmest, most delicious places in Lexington. Their Christmas cookies looked so sweet and old-fashioned.

Nishaan's beautiful big latte of love at Cup of Commonwealth.

Prayers for the grieving at the Cathedral.

The Madonna at My Favorite Things, where indeed, they sell some of my favorite things.

The light fixture at my neighbor's house. Isn't it wonderful?

Someone left a single red ornament hanging in every yard in my neighborhood. It's so cheerful to look out on a gloomy day and see this!

Christmas Eve at Good Shepherd.

Christmas dinner. I love these girls.

The final three prayer paintings of 2017.

...and now I have sipped it. It was good...

I'd forgotten how much I love Hipstamatic. But now, I remember.

Goodbye, 2017

I believe art heals, so I paint prayers of the sacred feminine.

My practice is a daily devotion.

Each painting begins with a prayer written on the canvas. I hold the intention of infusing my work with healing energy, in the hope that my paintings will speak to some hidden place within you or me and remind us that we are beloved.

These are my painted prayers of 2017, with deep gratitude for everyone who purchased a painting from me or allowed me to paint for you this year.

Thank you. I love you.


And I love those of you who sat with me in the Creative Sanctuary this year.

I mean that sincerely.

My creativity coaching practice this year attracted people I've known for a long time online, people with whom I share a knowing and soul connection. The conversations we shared were sacred and important.

I'm so deeply grateful for you.

And I'm grateful for what I learned in 2017, even though this year was tough.

I mentioned that I won't be setting goals for 2018.

I will, however, be reflecting on my year of belonging and dreaming of the new year.

I will sit with my new turquoise journal and pour open my heart.

Tonight, I will lift a glass of champagne.

Tomorrow, I will breathe into new space.

Here's to the new year.

May we be ourselves in it.

Know, without a shadow of a doubt - feel it in your bones - that you are so amazingly, abundantly, and completely loved.