the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING the quiet contemplative Blue Christmas service at the Cathedral  + getting commissions sent out + my homemade coffee spice blend (what...did I say that last week?) + poetry readings in new independent bookstores + clarity + blanket scarves + the new season of  The Crown.

Links I Loved This Week:

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How Using Your Hands Creatively Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This is my favorite week of Advent as it brings the Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe and Santa Lucia Day, both days that remind us of and call in the light.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 9.31.01 AM.png
So – do not be crushed by the world. Remember whose you are. Imperfect as I am, I love you. Imagine, then, God who is so much better at loving than any of us. God’s love for you in unquenchable. This, above all, is where we may find our hope in dark times.
— Sandals at the Gate


The intense stress and instability of 2017 caught up with me this week. 

But I'm rocking my essential oils and salt baths and hot tea blends and here we are moving toward the third Sunday in Advent and all shall be well.

Christmas will be here soon and then the new year.

And who knows what might happen in the new year?

Anything, really.

I hope you have a beautiful, peaceful weekend.

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Naming what I love...

Is weekly self-care. It's soul care. It's a small way to connect to that which is beautiful and wise and life affirming in a world that sometimes feels dark and chaotic. Join me. What did you love this week?