she said yes

Have you ever prayed for guidance, felt it rise in you, and then ignored it?

Have you ever pushed away the soft insistent voice within that speaks of your heart’s desire?

Do you hear the nudgings of the divine but dismiss them because you don’t feel worthy or ready to respond?

When you are afraid to follow your intuition, when it seems that your inner guidance is leading you to a path you don’t know how to walk, think of Mary.

The young girl Mary, betrothed but not married, belonged to neither her father nor her husband.

She was a person, a woman in her own right when an angel appeared to her, not as a fluffy-winged cherub, but a fierce and overwhelming presence. A powerful light.

The angel told her an impossible story. He told her of her worth. He told her of her mission, and though she was confused and frightened and didn’t understand how or why she had been chosen, Mary said, Yes.

Mary knew that her yes carried within it a great risk. She knew she may not be believed, she might lose everything, perhaps even her life.

She didn’t know what would happen. She didn’t know how this story would unfold.

It was a great act of courage and faith, her yes, spoken alone in the dark to an angel only she could see.

God had a plan to be born through her but before that plan could be realized, Mary had to agree.

In less dramatic ways, this is the crossroads where you stand every day.

You are a creator with the Divine, in conversation with God, and this is how your life comes to be, through this sacred dialogue of asking and responding.

But it isn’t always easy.

You ask for guidance, you believe in purpose, but many times when the guidance shows up, you find a way to step aside, to put it on hold, to deny it.

It’s frightening, the future is unknown, you’re not sure what might happen and often it feels safer to stay where you are, to say, Maybe next time; Maybe later; or No.

You might be thinking, Well sure, Mary said yes, she was the Mother of God, but here’s the thing:

Not yet, she wasn’t. At least, she didn’t know she was.

Mary was a human. A girl.

Mary slept and ate and worried and dreamed and planned. She felt love and pain and fear and hunger and satisfaction.

It was in her humanness, her vulnerability, that God showed up for her. It was there, in her messy humanity that she said yes.

And that’s where God shows up for you, too.

Just like Mary, you belong to yourself. You make the choices that determine where you will go, how you will live, but if you open yourself to divine inspiration, if you welcome the messengers when they show up, you will find grace in the messiness, and answers that guide you home.

Just like Mary, you belong to God.

God, who lives in your heart, has a plan and waits for your reply.

Love is waiting to be born through you.

What will you say?