love has no limits

Love Has No Limits

God is not a man

Who sits in his chair

Sifting and sorting through souls.

God is not a judge

With a role book of lies,

Drawing hard limits on Love.

Don’t mark your missteps

Or count your mistakes.

God isn’t keeping score.

And you are not a child

Waiting for crumbs of approval.

You are not a wayward girl

Searching for hope in denial.

You know the secret that thrums in the hummingbird’s breast,

That cascades in the arms of a waterfall.

The secret that drums in the sand and the meadow,

That rolls in the clouds as they cross the sky:

Love has no limits.

It is Love that pumps the life through your heart

And fills your lungs with breath.

It is Love you hear singing in the stars

And rustling through the fingers of the trees.

There’s a pool of silver in your hands.

Lean into your reflection and see

That you are as vast as the canopy of night.

Promise to never make yourself small

Or pretend to be something you’re not.

There is no part of you that isn’t holy,

You are shimmering, alive with wonder.

You don’t have to hide

Or twist your tongue

To form the barbed wired shape

Of someone else’s words.

You don’t have to pretend that you don’t know

The ancient story that winds through your blood,

The everlasting story of Love.

Dear Sister,

God folds you in her skirts of light.

God floats you down the river in a basket.

God shines a beam in your heart so bright

Your whole body aches with knowing.