how flower essence supports me

I’ve always been open to complementary and alternative therapies.
Because I have always believed in God.

When I wake to see the pink sunrise blazing in the sky, when I hike along a stream or in a meadow of wildflowers, when I lean against a tree – I have no doubt that this world we live in did not come about by accident. There is a design at work here and a creative force of great love that sustains us.

No, I’m not an evolution-doubter. I think Darwin was a genius and a poet.

But I also don’t believe life is random or happened by accident; and I do believe that the life forms on this planet are interdependent, that we are in fact one.

(I believe these things as part of my Christian faith, by the way, not in spite of it.)

It makes sense to me that the same way the food that grows in the ground provides the nutrients our physical bodies need for survival, the nutrients our spirits and souls need for survival are also provided here – in the plants, flowers, the soil herself.

Life is energy. It’s all energy.

And all life impacts all other life.

I’ve always been drawn to and enjoyed exploring things labeled alternative, and through my explorations, I’ve come to believe that we each have our own leanings and compatibilities.

One person might respond dramatically to energy work, for instance, while another person prefers EFT, and still another might always choose allopathic medicine with no interest in anything else.

To each her own.

A discovery I’ve made about myself over the past few years is that I’m a good match to flower essences.

I first discovered this through my friend and flower essence guru Jackie Stewart.

Three years ago now, Jackie orchestrated a weekend gathering at Cae Mabon, in Wales, that was truly a beautiful and powerful series of days. One of the things that happened during that weekend was the creation of a flower essence.

Jackie led us through the process step-by-step.

Pictured here, Jackie Stewart and Karina Ladet at Cae Mabon, 2013, with singing bowls, on the hill where we the essence was created.

Pictured here, Jackie Stewart and Karina Ladet at Cae Mabon, 2013, with singing bowls, on the hill where we the essence was created.

When I mix holy water for painting, a drop or two of the Cae Mabon essence goes in.

I use other essences, some created by Jackie, a couple of others from vendors she recommended, and I love them all.

I also love Isha Lerner‘s essences. Clear the Aura blend is one of my favorites.

And I’m on my second dropper bottle of Empath Shield from Aquarius Nation, which I’ve come to think of as necessary before I venture my INFP self out into the world.

With the essences, I find a sort of ease that I don’t find with other treatments and remedies.

Flower essence is gentle.

I’ve known Maureen Clancy for some time online and I have for her the utmost respect.

For a while, I don’t know – maybe even years? – I’ve been aware that she offers a signature flower essence blend and I’ve thought, Well doesn’t that just sound scrumptious?

Maureen’s Mojo Custom Flower Essence Blend has orbited around in my thoughts and quite suddenly, a few months ago, I sat down at my desk and realized the day had come. I had enough money in my PayPal account to order my bottle and I was ready.

Within days, I had the bottle in my hands.

I told Maureen that I felt new pathways were showing themselves to me, that I was on the cusp of a new chapter in my life, but I needed a little help stepping through the doorway.

What I received in response is a blend of twelve essences from Green Hope Farms with lovely names like The Fairy Rose and Hesperide’s Gift.

Maureen chose essences for me to assist with connection to higher purpose and spiritual destiny; bringing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual selves into alignment; standing in my truth and acting from it fearlessly.

I began to take a drop or two of the essence as part of my daily routine.

I keep it on my desk, so when I sit down in the morning, I’m reminded of it.

When I travel, I take it with me.

At first, I couldn’t tell that anything was happening. I trusted that something was happening, but it wasn’t something I could identify.

Then, I had a speaking engagement.

I was standing in the room watching people come in, sipping on my pre-talk coffee. I realized, I wasn’t nervous. My stomach wasn’t doing flip-flops. I wasn’t shaking. Now, when I actually stepped up to the microphone, a bit of nerves set in, but prior to that…I was fine.

And that was a big deal.

Several times since, I’ve used my voice in public.

I’ve read during worship – something I’ve always thought I would be way too terrified to do – appeared on a panel discussion, given artist talks.

All without freaking out.

It’s a change that’s both subtle and dramatic.

I am able to do these things I want to do without falling apart or falling into self-loathing.

The most amazing thing I’ve done, however, was to drive to Nashville and back (and even into downtown Nashville), on a route I’d never taken before. I realize to most of you reading this, that sounds like a big nothing, but to me it was huge.

I completed this drive with zero anxiety. Zero.

A year ago, I never would have imagined such a thing was possible.

In the time that I’ve been taking my signature essence, I’ve taken bold leaps out of my comfort zone. I’ve engaged with new things in new ways. Largely without panic.

When these things are happening – when I’m preparing to speak in front of a packed room, or navigating heavy traffic, or applying to theology school – it’s as if I’m observing myself, and the observer is really impressed. The observer thinks, wow, how did this happen?

I’ve noticed other -internal- things too. What this feels like to me is a letting go of resistance. It feels like I am flowing better in the current of “what is” without trying so hard to push against it or analyze it or figure it out.

So, how do I know that any of this has to do with my flower essence?

How do I know that these shifts are not a result of prayer, for instance?

The answer is, I think it’s both.

Everything is connected.

It all works together.

Intuitively, I know that my flower essence is working with me and within me, helping me to address my interior landscape as well as external situations.

It’s all about how it feels to me.

That’s where my proof lives.

We live in a world that doesn’t give much weight to how things feel.

We like things to be quantifiable, measurable.

We like to chart on graphs and talk about solids.

While flower essence science exists, I don’t need to read case studies.

Life for me happens in the in-between, in the gray areas.

Wisdom comes to me through my senses, through the way I feel.

How I feel.

What I feel.

And I feel supported by my signature flower essence blend.

I feel its subtle energies harmonizing with my own.

I am bolstered by it.

It is a mothering energy that assists me through the birthing process of life transitions.

Flower essence is an ally and we all need allies, don’t you think?