queen of cups

Nishaan Sandhu and Ed Franklin pulled together an incredible event.

Tarot: An Exhibition opened at the Bread Box in Lexington last night.

I was thrilled to have a piece in this exhibition and (get this) I had a great time at the opening reception. I stayed the whole time (and so did Tracy!) visiting with good friends and talking and enjoying powerful art.

It was such a fun night and cool to know that so many people are interested in the archetypal images of the tarot and the story they represent.

Best part: I got to hang out with Anessa! (The Strength card.)

This is my Queen of Cups:

Queen of Cups Keywords:

Emotional, Loving, Warm, Tender, Sensitive, Gentle, Caring, Carer, Comforter, Compassion, Nurturing, Sweet, Affectionate, Kind, Warm-hearted, Feelings, Empathic, Nostalgic, Sentimental, Romantic, Intuitive, Imagination, Loyal, Faithful, Devoted, Service, Musing, Meditative, Dreamer, Psychic, Spiritual, Fantasy, Ethereal, Otherworldly, Beauty, Pretty, Aesthetics, Fashion, Delicate, Fragile, Shy, Quiet, Passive, Harmony, Peace, Virtuous, Benevolent, Receptive, Creative, Artistic, Inspiring, Healer

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