a love list for your weekend

Hey, I'm writing to you here in this new space.

It feels good and clean, like a breath of fresh air.

There may still be some kinks and typos here and there, but come on in. Take a look around!


Reconciling faith, science, and feminism

Healthy Unicorn Smoothie

(I love to see pictures of brightly colored smoothies. All of my smoothies end up olive green.)

Womanism: A Spiritual Resistance For Black Women

“Feminism, in its origin, had the goal of gaining political and social equality for women. For many of us, it presented an overly narrow focused agenda. In other words, it was a movement created for wealthy white women seeking freedom from the one system that held them back — patriarchy. But how can we promote equality for men and women when some women face additional obstacles? How can equality exist for those of us faced with the struggles of both sexism AND racism? 

A Habit to Quiet Self-Criticism

[podcast] Barbara Loden (Dead Blondes Episode 12) You Must Remember This

Why we need Mary Oliver's poems

I heard Angie Thomas on NPR and loved her. How Tupac's THUG LIFE Inspired This Woman's YA Novel

What does "science" mean?

Wednesday brought a new moon in Taurus, and I'm planting seeds of love and peace.

I'm listening to this. [music] Sarah Slean Metaphysics. This is just so good.


Happy Friday.

Have a beautiful weekend.