a love list for your weekend

It's Friday.

It's May.

It's been quite a week. Like me, those of you who live in the US might be feeling angry or terrified or simply stretched way too thin.

This is your reminder (and mine) that it's completely normal to feel that way. It's a rational response to irrational actions.

These are weird and difficult times.

We must love one another through them.

Here's a list of (random) links I loved this week:

Is Intuitive Eating Healthy?

Three Practices for Embracing and Connecting to Your Body

More fun and vibrant outfits at the New York Easter Parade

Rebel Catholic group defies church, ordains woman priest in NC

The Music Man Saving Brooklyn's Soul

Mini art journaling

[TED Talk] Sandra Aamodt: Why dieting doesn't usually work

You Didn't Quote Scripture

I got to visit with some hen friends, Garbanzo and Mildred, this week. And even though my allergies pretty much keep me inside this time of year, we had coolish temperatures and bright sunshine which was beautiful.

I'm slowly piecing together an outfit for a wedding this summer and my shoes came this week. I'm going to need to practice walking in them between now and June. 

Must not fall at wedding.

What about you?

What did you love this week?