instagram round-up may 2017

I love Instagram.  I post photos of things I find beautiful, meaningful moments, and sometimes visual diary entries.

If you're not already there, come join me!

Here's a collection of my favorite captured moments this month:

Garbanzo and Mildred are two hens who live on my street. They're super sweet ladies. I snapped this one afternoon when we accompanied our young neighbors who were making a worm delivery.

Temps in the upper 60's, sunny, breezy. Perfect weather for pugs and for me. (Straw hats and big sunglasses are my look for the summer.)

My grandmother turned 93 this month. We celebrated with a lunch at her house. This is my mom and my great aunt serving the cake, which looks to be serious business. My great uncle played the piano and it was a lovely get together.

We had the reception for my exhibition at St. Raphael and people came. I was so honored and happy. I sold four paintings (yay!) and felt so much support. This is me taking a moment in the sanctuary to lift some prayers of gratitude.

I spent the most beautiful Saturday at Little Wing Hollow.

Every now and then, I'm the first one in the sanctuary for the 11:15. I soak in Sunday morning light.

This was the "serious" picture my brother and I took with our mom right after recreating a childhood picture. It's just the angle that makes Chad and I appear gigantic next to our tiny mother!

This morning I was at the college where many years ago I was a student, talking with a class of smart brave young women about creativity and the sacred and figuring out who we are in the world. Now, I'm listening to new, sad music and moving paint on top of layers of paint and watching words from the bottom layer bleed through to the top and reminding myself that endings and beginnings are the same thing. I look so much older than I feel but that's ok. It's ok, I'm telling myself, to trust the unknown. To trust joy but also pain. Life is good because it is life. You are creative. You have a voice. Your art belongs to you. You are beautiful.

My neighbor was going out of town for a few days, so she gifted me with her flowers so they wouldn't just be alone in her house while she was gone.

I could not be more proud of this excellent human being and newly minted middle school graduate. (It was approximately 5 million degrees in the gym when this was taken.)

My idea of a luxurious Saturday - painting on the front porch while the dogs nap. I decided to reverse my process and create backgrounds first with prayers to go on top.

I got my fairy gardening underway.

I travel up and down this road and up and down again. Every now and then, the sun melts gold and orange on the horizon and even the taillights look pretty.

Tracy and his brother have been playing music together their whole lives. It had been a good long while since they'd played live, though. They've re-formed their band with a local powerhouse musician and played their first gig as Dr. Don this month. It was awesome.

I made a vegan blueberry tart on Memorial Day. (Delicious.)

I started working on tiny 4 x 4 faces. It turns out I love working at this size and I'm feeling all sort of inspiration around a series.

Some months feel fast. May felt luxuriously slow to me. I'm looking forward to whatever June brings.