a love list for your weekend

I'm eating plant-based (not perfect vegan) again. I'm not making any big proclamations about how long I'm going to do this, but when I tuned in to my body and asked it what would feel balanced and easy and nourishing right now, plant-based was the answer. 

I felt lighter in my body and soul the moment I made the decision. I'm eating whole foods - lots of fruits and vegetables. Salads and smoothies. Avocado on Ezekiel Bread, homemade granola, that sort of thing.

Some of My Favorite Recipes This Week:

curried hummus

sweet potato and kale burritos

healthy peanut butter granola

lentil sloppy joes and vegan mac and cheese

It's been a delicious week.

In related news, we finally visited Vinaigrette and it was great.

I got a sample of this from Sephora and I love it for summer. (I still don't have summer clothes, but I'm working on it.)

And I'm reading this. A friend on Instagram said, "This should be required reading," and I agree. Don't go into the Bible without Margaret Ralph! She spoke at my church last year and I was enthralled.

A List of Links I Loved This Week:

By Any Other Name

Hey look - my town!

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all is creation, all is change

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Found on Facebook: (via Kissing Fish)

Ya'll, tonight is Tracy's gig at Best Friend Bar. His band, Dr. Don, goes on around 11 pm.

Let's all take naps and meet there, okay?

Rock n Roll!