a love list for your weekend


It's a new month.

Right now, I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed, sort of like a duck whose feet are paddling furiously under the water, but hopefully, I'll be gliding soon.

This was the first week of summer schedule and it hasn't been super hot yet, so that's good.

I really want to try these.

Here's a list of links I loved this week:

5 Things for 50

Your Body, Your Friend

What Makes Call-Out Culture So Toxic

In the context of call-out culture, it is easy to forget that the individual we are calling out is a human being, and that different human beings in different social locations will be receptive to different strategies for learning and growing. For instance, most call-outs I have witnessed immediately render anyone who has committed a perceived wrong as an outsider to the community. One action becomes a reason to pass judgment on someone’s entire being, as if there is no difference between a community member or friend and a random stranger walking down the street (who is of course also someone’s friend). Call-out culture can end up mirroring what the prison industrial complex teaches us about crime and punishment: to banish and dispose of individuals rather than to engage with them as people with complicated stories and histories.

The Road (to Canterbury) Goes on Forever: Gregg Allman the Unlikely Episcopalian

I Need a Mother God

I'm still eating mostly vegan. 

I made a blueberry tart this week that was pretty dang tasty, and Tracy and I have eaten at Vinaigrette three times. I love this place.


Speaking of Tracy, the Dr. Don debut show was so much fun. I'm looking forward to their next date!

Have a wonderful weekend.