a love list for your weekend

We celebrated my grandmother's 93rd birthday this week with lunch and flowers and my great uncle at the piano.

We're already halfway through May (I honestly had to check the calendar to make sure I was right about that.)

And the weather is heating up which leads me to look at my closet and ask, what did I wear last year when it was hot? 

I have no idea.

It's Friday and that means it's Love List time.

Here's a list of links I loved this week:

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Could You?

Phyllida Barlow on representing Britain at the Venice Biennale...and living in a slum

The Most Hippie Towns in America That Aren't Berkeley or Boulder (Yellow Springs, I'd love to visit you soon and Topanga, well, you know how I feel. It is one of my dreams to eat at Inn of the Seventh Ray.)

What is your "dough"?

Jesus, Mother Hen: This is the God I Want to Worship

I love scents of all kinds - incense, sage bundles, diffuser blends, candles.

When I wear scent, it's almost always essential oil based. I love Karma from Lush and the Zum body sprays.

But I also secretly love heavier perfumes. I stopped wearing them a few years ago out of respect for those who have a sensitivity to such things.

But this week, I was sorting through my cosmetics - doing some organizing and spring cleaning - and I discovered an almost full bottle of Maybe, Baby. Oh. I remembered how much I loved this stuff. 

I was home alone with no plans to go out, so I spritzed myself. 


Tonight is the reception for my exhibition at St. Raphael.

If you're in the Lexington area, please come. I would truly, madly, deeply LOVE to see you there.

Have a beautiful weekend.