a love list - niece edition

It's Friday, but I don't have my usual Love List for you this week.

I didn't read any articles, or news, or blog posts, or anything this week.

This week, instead of links, I'm sharing a different sort of love list.

Last Saturday, we celebrated our eldest niece's wedding.

She and her betrothed surprised everyone with an Elvis wedding, ya'll.


Stephen Freeman officiated, and performed. 

It was fun and funny and moving and beautiful and just all-around wonderful.

The very next day, Tracy and I took the younger nieces to the Smoky Mountains.

We stayed in the Passion Flower, the same cabin we were in last year when the fire happened. 

We saw a bear on our road.

We rode the Sky Lift.

We ate tons of food, visited the Island, and walked up and down the Parkway (like you do).

We rode through Roaring Fork.

We went up to Clingmans Dome.

We rode go-carts and hot tubbed it and had a fantastic time.

Today it's back to things like house cleaning and grocery shopping and smoothie-drinking.

And sleep, because oh-my-goodness - we're tired.

It was a great week. A week of LOVE. 

We got really lucky when it comes to nieces.

Enjoy your weekend.