instagram round-up june 2017

Instagram is my favorite social media gathering spot.

I post photos of things I find to be beautiful, studio days, journal snippets.

If you haven't already, join me there.

Here's a round-up of my June highlights:

It was a gorgeous summery day and the girls and I went to buy some art supplies. After Michaels, we gave Five Below a look-see. We found pillows.

After a long afternoon of suit shopping, Tracy and I decided to check out the new Shake Shack at the Summit. I had the 'shroom burger and it was delicious.

It was an absolutely sublime day for a smoothie in the park with Nishaan. This was the Green Goblin from the Press.

Evening in the garden. There were things weighing heavily on my heart. So I sat in the quiet with the flowers and the trees and opened myself to God. Then...we went to dinner. We were sitting in the Mexican restaurant when I felt her whispering to me from across the room. I hear you, sister.

A Nate's Coffee with French bakery has opened up in our neighborhood. The earl grey macaron is pretty amazing.

Also in the neighborhood - this basket of giant felt flowers outside of Lucia's.

Have you ever been to a wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator? I have - and it was amazing! I'm so glad my family came to celebrate with Tracy's family and witness Lindsay and Søren's wedding, which was moving and beautiful and incredibly fun.

When you see this mug and this railing, you know I'm in the Smoky Mountains, staying at the Passion Flower - the same cabin we were in when the fire happened last year. We went for four days with the Hurley girls right after the wedding. (Highlight of the trip - we saw a bear on our road!)

This is always one of my favorite spots on the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. 

In all my years of visiting the Smokies, I don't recall ever making it all the way up to Clingmans Dome - but we did this time. It was breathtaking.

I love these hollyhocks in my neighborhood. I take a special route on my walks just so I can see them.

This year's National Park membership mugs. **Love**

Tracy framed the Small Saints for me to sell at the Art Sale for the Well and I love how they turned out. In fact, they're sparking my creativity. Stay tuned for further developments.

If it's not coffee in my mug, it's paint.

I wish I could come up with a "medium" smile. A sort of casual, wistful smile. But my face either does super serious or this.

Today and tomorrow is all about sending paintings to their new homes. First, I'm sipping from a mug that is connected to someone I love.

So long, June

It was a long, good month.

Even though there's one more day of June, I'm going to go ahead and say thank you and good bye to it now and welcome, July.

See 'ya through my viewfinder.