I travel to revisit the same terrain, going deeper each time.

I run my fingers across the cracks in stone walls.

I breathe into the spaces where the flowers push through, growing where they aren't meant to grow.

I stand in dark alleyways.

I watch, with longing, the dancing glow of golden light through basement windows.

I walk in the night, stars in my hair, walk many times past the brownstone where Bob sang to Joan, walk from one end of the city to the other.

I sit on the top of a mountain beneath the full moon and my heart leaves my body.

It lies beside me, gazing up.

I walk with a lantern up a hill and spirit blows into the back of my neck, neither invitation nor warning. Simply presence. 

I drink so many cups of tea on so many speeding trains.

I walk out through shallow water only to have the tide come in.

I  walk miles while rain beats my face until I give in and understand that it is washing me clean.

I breathe smoke while a forest burns.

I stand on a rooftop and watch the sky explode.

I travel in my dreams, through white sheets and down. I go to other worlds and see myself.


The small saint painting Wander is available for purchase here.

Acrylic on canvas. 4 x 4 framed in red oak. $50.