a love list for your weekend

I feel like the Friday Love List has become a sort of exhaustion check-in.

How tired is LaLa this week? Still pretty dang tired.

Even though my desire to meet myself on the yoga mat has not yet come to fruition, I did manage to go on several walks this week, so that's good.

I met my friend Nishaan for lunch at The Press and sat with her in the park and talked and drank a Green Goblin smoothie. (Super healing lunch hour.)

Tracy's niece's wedding is tomorrow! I ordered a dress from eShakti and I so recommend this. I have a short curvaceous body that is difficult to fit. Having a dress made to my actual measurements made all the difference.


Links I loved this week:

The Racist God of America <<< Easily the best thing I read this week. Direct and true.

Seriously, it sucks that the damage being done globally is not even realized, hearts are hard and eyes are closed. It sucks to repeatedly watch the name of Jesus - whose entire teachings revolved around sacrificial love – be used to deliberately hurt others in an attempt to meet a delusion of self-preservation. It sucks how miserable it must be to be a whitewashed tomb, missing the entire point of Jesus, missing love.

Spoken Blessings

I wanna make this.

Sweatpants & Travel | From the Ashes: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Get the Joy Confetti Back

Mystic Mama | FULL MOON

Aging Out of Our Insecurities (Or Not)

I posted video this week.

I cleaned my house then took a long hot salt soak. <<< That's my favorite self-care/self-comfort type thing.

How are you gonna care for yourself this weekend?

Happy Friday, my loves.