a love list for your weekend

I was so sad to hear that our Fresh Thyme was closing. It was my favorite grocery. It feels ghoulish to me to go to a store-closing sale, so I avoided this one then changed my mind and popped in for the end of it to stock up on skincare. I kinda wished I'd gone to this one earlier.

They didn't have the Derma E microdermabrasion scrub I've been wanting to try, but that Acure Marula oil has been on my list for a while and I'm loving it.

We watched this, thisthis, and this this week. I recommend all four.

Here's a list of links I loved this week:

How Georgia O'Keeffe left her cheating husband for a mountain

Hierognosis -The mystical ability to recognize blessed items This was so interesting to me because I can feel ordained people and those who have taken Holy Orders. When I walk into a room of nuns, I instantly know they're nuns because of the way their energy feels. Priests feel like priests to me. I tend to keep this fact to myself so I was glad to find mention of it.

New Ways to Create Multiple Versions of an Image

How to Deal When You Feel Frustrated and Hopeless

I wrote recently about my dear friend Anessa and Cowgirl Camp. (Which sold out!) This article gives insight into who she is and what she's been walking with these past few years. She's an amazing person.

 8 Reasons People Mock Romance Writers who look down on other genres is one of my least favorite things. This article actually reminded me of something Susan Buchanan aka LittlePoet said in this video. (She's one of my favorite YouTubers and one of the reasons I was was looking for Marula oil, which really brings this Love List full circle!)

Happy Friday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Enjoy that big ol' full moon this weekend! (I'll have a full moon video for you on Monday.)