a tour of my fresh + clean studio

I did this today.

It probably doesn't look like much because you don't know what it looked like before, but trust me, it was a big project.

I cleaned out my studio aka my office aka the green room.

I didn't just smooth around the surfaces, I cleaned out the armoire and the closet. 

I re-organized everything. 

I threw things away.

Because of clutter and lack of organization and having too much stuff in too small a space, the energy in here had become stagnant and heavy.


Even though the primary function of this space is my creative work, the work was beginning to feel like an afterthought because so much stuff was crammed into every space.

Clutter-clearing can be emotionally difficult - especially when the space you're clearing contains your old journals and boxes of photographs and never completed craft projects - but I'd begun to realize that it was much more emotionally difficult not to do it.

I enjoy putting like things together. This is my angel corner.

This is my Mother Mary corner.

This is where the light gets in.

I write to you from here.

Paintings are framed

and waiting in a well-organized fashion for their new owners to seek them out.

It is my dream to have a studio space outside of the house, where I can work large, not worry about the floors, and host classes and workshops and open studio days where we can pray and paint together.

As I dream about that, I'm making my inside-the-house space as cozy and functional and flowing as possible.

I'm loving what I have, in other words.

I'm honoring what I have right now. 

I'm turning my attention toward what works about this space. 

It's an extremely short commute from my bedroom, for instance. 

Once a hawk landed on the roof outside the window and peered in at me.

There's a nearly unlimited supply of coffee downstairs.

I'm loving how the energy has shifted in here today and as I make my way through my house, drawer by drawer and room by room, I feel hopeful about the space I'm creating. 

And the art yet to be created.