a love list for your weekend

Tracy and I have lunch with my parents every Sunday after church. This week, instead of eating at their house, we met at Archa Nine Thai Kitchen. They have six vegan dishes on their menu and oh my goodness, this food is delicious.

The Links I Loved This Week:

God is Love. Full Stop.

(I would love to go to that conference.)

What will it take for me to love my body?

Longing for the Beloved, Mirabai Starr

The Earth Thinks in Myth

Terms of Adornment

Yes, please

I'm no fan of wrestling or any fighting sport but ya'll I love Glow. It's so, so good. Trust me. If you start it, you'll binge watch it. When you're done, you can watch the documentary about the real thing.

All you need is love & coffee (and coffee)

All you need is love & coffee (and coffee)

I have something super fun planned for the weekend. I hope you do too, even if it's just lying in the grass staring up at the clouds.

Much love.