the love list

Well, it's Friday, so let's have ourselves a Love List!

Did you watch the eclipse? We made cardboard box viewers but then our neighbor came through with a pair of glasses for us.


It was incredible and awe-inspiring to watch, eerie when the temperature cooled and the light dimmed, and energetically...odd.

I experienced a fairly strong physical reaction to watching it. (I'd love to know...did you?)

I ventured out last Saturday, visited the new huge and gleaming Whole Foods and found a local tea that I'm loving.


This week's links:

(Some heavy, some light.)

As American as Apple Pie: After Charlottesville

White Privilege Means I can Look the Other Way. It's Got to Stop.

Leave God Out of Our Hate

Here's something good you can do with those eclipse glasses.

Criticism: Are you willing to take the hit?

5 Things to Use Instead of a Paintbrush

Power Thrifting

"Pure Joy Set to Music"


In case you missed it, I posted a series about the Black Madonna, and some thoughts while in England.

The Black Madonna

Our Mother the Black Madonna

The Queen of Poland

Switzerland's Black Queen

Our Lady at the Gate of Dawn

An Interfaith Mother


England Diaries

Hello From Oxford

Rooftop Thoughts

Leaving and Staying


I also posted a Studio Talk this week and launched a new project.

I completed a personal prayer painting, and I'm so happy to have a studio visitor today. We're going to pray and paint together.

Tonight, Tracy's band Dr. Don is playing their second gig. And this weekend, my eldest niece turns fourteen. Fourteen, ya'll.



Take care of yourself. 

Don't forget to breathe.

Dance like Loie Fuller.