the love list

Things are intense, aren't they?

Sudden change, anger, despair, division...and all this water.

It's difficult for me to wrap my mind around what I'm even seeing when I look at pictures from Houston.

When times are like this, our response matters. 

More than ever, we must open our hearts and minds, stand and flow in love. 

We have to be big merciful love for one another. It's the only way.

So I'm back in the studio groove and these are the sorts of things I'm thinking about this week.

I met one of my priests for coffee yesterday morning, a practice I highly recommend.  

There's a reason for spiritual community.

It's sustenance.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.28.25 AM.png

It's Friday and that's Love List time.

The Links I Loved This Week:

In Defense of Spiritual Desire: Why It's Time to Get Clear About What You Deeply Long For

Divine-centered contexts attract sacred mystery and make your relationship to the numinous stronger, whereas self-centered contexts attract more inflation of your trickster mind while cutting off your connection to mystical gifts. Before making a prayer, make sure the room is big enough to receive a bigger and more wholesome reward.

Clergy and the Violence of Peace

The Denver Statement

[podcast] Susannah Conway on Building a Heart Centered Business - Julie Parker You don't have to have a business plan. You don't have to push. You can run a feminine business led by intuition AND enjoy success. (Also, you get to define success.)

Clothes That Make You Feel Good

What We Don't Have to Carry


This is how I spent my Wednesday:

I'd love to paint for you.

If you're in the U.S., enjoy your long weekend. 

Wherever you are, enjoy your weekend.

Take time for yourself, take care of yourself, look for the love. (It's all around you and moving through you right now.)