the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING Ready to cook meal kits (chopping already done!) + the rabbit who sits with us in the back yard + sleeping in with the dogs + bell sleeves + listening to Stevie on my walks and fantasizing myself on stage singing + abounding synchronicity + wild vines 

If you saw this woman walking around your neighborhood, sweating and crying early this week, it was me. Thankfully, temps are on the decline, so my walking routine can really get going.


Links I loved this week

My Beauty Uniform: Linda Rodin

Self Portrait: What You Do And Who You Want To Be

"I've got a big butt like you..."

DIY beaded rope wall hanging looks fun to make.

Create space for transitions

It's Hard Being a Woman

[podcast] Shift Your Spirits | Soul Mates and Twin Flames

I'm in the middle of a commissioned prayer painting right now that's challenging me. There are things happening in it that are so cool but other things have happened that need to be corrected. I'm trying to figure out if I can correct those things without ruining the cool parts. 

This is when I have to do a lot of deep breathing and trusting of the process. The painting that's meant to be is trying to be born. I've gotta light the path for it.

Today is Michaelmas, the Feast of St. Michael and all Angels. So, thank you St. Michael.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, let me be a beholder. Let me see beauty in all the world around me, in the sleepy pond or the restless sea, in the autumn leaves or the summer day. Let me see what is good in every culture, let me see what is lovely in every faith. Give me the eyes of a beholder, please God, that I walk past none of your wonders uncaring, but see your goodness writ large in all that you have made. Open my eyes. Open my senses. Open my heart. Let me be a beholder, a witness to visual proof, that love is in each moment, beauty in every step I take.
— Steven Charleston

I'm feeling the energies of this week intensely.

I have a new schedule for fall that includes a lot of heavy reading. I'm presenting a Rector's Forum on Sunday. That's also Blessing of the Animals day. I'm part of a Wellness Circle once a week, which has its own sort of homework. 

That's all good stuff, but there's a lot going on. 

And then there's news of the world. The pain of the world. The weight of it.

Noticing what I love is self-care. It's rebellion. It's radical medicine for challenging times. It's the steadfast denial of despair. 


Join me, want to?

Let's grow the beautiful.

What did you love this week?