sophia: holy wisdom


This painting was created for Jan - a friend, a priest, an incredible wise and compassionate person, someone I love and admire. 

Wisdom Sophia    Acrylic on Canvas    20 x 24

Wisdom Sophia

Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 24


She posted these words about the Painting and the Divine Feminine:

‘You know,’ he said softly, ‘if there is a God, God is a woman.’
— Erin O'Riordan

The Divine Feminine is a lost part of Divine History. It has, however, resurfaced and returned to consciousness on a worldwide-level, as often seen on news channels and in movies; the strong female, with Divine-guidance often imparted in dreams, shares a feminine message for life.

This beautiful and powerful rendering of Sophia will serve as a strong reminder of our spiritual need to balance the masculine and feminine energy during these turbulent patriarchal times -- and always and forever.

I was so moved by this.  I'm grateful to know Jan, a beloved guide.

And I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a vessel for these paintings.


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