intuition, creation, and your sacred voice

What does your intuition sound like?

What do you feel like when you're listening to it and following its guidance?

What do you feel like when you're ignoring it?

What happens then?

You've been given this amazing gift, an internal guidance system, a hotline to God.

Your intuition tells you when a choice is right for you even though it looks scary on the surface, and it tells you when a choice is wrong for even when it looks good on the surface.

Your intuition tells you who you can trust. what you should or shouldn't say, which route to take.

It may be a sensation in your body (a gut feeling) or a whisper in your ear or a shimmering vision in your mind's eye.

Your intuition is yours and it is holy.

But you may feel separate from it.

It's no wonder if you do. 

There are so many factors working in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to dismantle your nature. 

You may have even been taught it is wrong to listen to your heart, or that you should run from anything that even remotely sounds like psychic ability.

You may have been taught to honor logic and reason above all else.

Or you may struggle anxiety, which completely trips up your wires and basically shuts down your intuition.

Everything is cyclical and we all grow through passages of time when our intuition seems particularly strong, and times when it seems weak, but you always do have intuition. It is one of your spiritual gifts. It is part of your senses. 

When you are in touch with what you intuitively know to be true, you are in your power.

I don't mean warrior, hierarchical, smashing-down-others power.

I mean love power. Compassion power. The power of being in alignment with who and what you are and understanding that who and what you are is exactly as it should be because you have a job to do and a place to be and it is good.

It's the power of harmony and grace and peace.

Within you there are different voices.

There is the voice you've learned to use with your family as you play out old dynamics.

There is the voice you've learned to use at work.

There is the voice you use online and the voice you use at church and the voice use when you are alone in your bathtub talking to yourself.

There is also the voice you use when you are speaking truth. It's the voice that rises when you trust your intuition. It's the voice that shines from your heart. 

It's your sacred voice.

When you speak with your sacred voice, the voice of the real you, people listen. They hear something and even if they don't quite know what it is, they know they're drawn to it.

Your sacred voice heals.

Your sacred voice is part of a chorus of voices calling from the origin of the universe.

Your sacred voice is how God sings through you.

The best way I know of to step right now into your intuition and speak with your sacred voice is the act of creation.

Your creative energy comes straight from your source.

It is a never-ending redeeming well of life-giving water.

When you allow yourself to dance in your creative flow and express yourself - when you make things - when you dream things, when you approach your life the way you wish to (instead of the way the how-to books tell you to do it), you are living your purpose as a creator made in the image of a creator.

Creation is life. 

Your creativity is not a hobby or an extra-curricular activity. It's not something you tend to once everything else is done.

Your creativity is how you live.

It's who you are.

No time spend in the act of creation is wasted.

It's medicine.

Pay attention to your creative self and your intuition will blossom. 

Create and your sacred voice with fill your throat.

Because you will be you. You will be exactly the person you came here to be.


Imagine now you are walking in a beautiful garden. What colors do you see? What plants surround you? What does the sky look like? What does the ground feel like beneath your feet? 

Let's walk here in this garden of abundance.

Let's breathe sweetness and put our burdens down by the water.

Let's like on our back and rest.

Let's be together here, sister.

Where we are free.


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In the Garden

In the Garden