the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING listening to every Tom Petty song (I'm so sorry to see you go, Tom) + the support of Wellness Circle + painting coffee cups (paintings of coffee cups, not painted cups) + fresh smashed guacamole + deep study of Genesis and having some of my understandings of what scripture actually is confirmed + the rust and golden mums on everybody's front porch + slowly getting out my Halloween decorations + bringing beloved souls in to the Creative Sanctuary.

This is a week of lasts - of goodbye.

A week of letting go and letting the heart expand, falling into trust, being in the moment.

It's been a difficult week and I've experienced bouts of sudden and complete exhaustion.

But also there has been beauty, great love, and hope.

Always, there is everything.

Links I loved this week:

Nature and the Imagination of Jesus

No Proselytizing

While They Can Still Hear (A Case for Living Eulogies)

How to thrive in this broken world

Arundhati Roy: Why Happiness is a Radical Act

Researchers Double Down on Claim Yoga Changes the Expression of Your Genes

Thank You, Michael

Here's a Spotify list of songs written by my friend John Griffin. He's talented, ya'll.

Some things are over
Some things go on
Part of me you carry
Part of me is gone.
— Tom Petty

Our dogs were blessed this week, as they are every year on the Feast of St. Francis. They love it. Their only complaint is that they'd actually like to go inside the church. 


We also had a third pug at our house for a few hours as he was found wandering and we kept him until we could locate his peeps. It was a whole different vibe having a grumble and we enjoyed his company.

One for Sorrow    20 x 24    Acrylic on Canvas

One for Sorrow

20 x 24

Acrylic on Canvas

I recorded a Studio Talk this week. You can find it right here.

You still have a couple of days to enroll in the Creative Sanctuary.

You can request your Personal Prayer Painting here.

Here we go into the weekend.

There's nothing to do but Be LOVE.