the love list: full moon cleaning

I've had one of those weeks where the days didn't feel like themselves. All day on Wednesday, I was feeling a Saturday vibe - that sort of thing.

It's definitely Friday, though - I checked - and that means it's time for the Love List.

I embarked on my usual full moon cleaning flurry this week.

I rearranged the altar in my studio and lined it up with photos of people I love.


I also did a clothing purge, which felt great.

The de-cluttering is getting to a point now where it's starting to make a big difference in energy flow.


The Links I Loved This Week:

Creative Women: Lucille Lewin on fashion, art and achieving an MA in ceramics at 69

Public speaking tips for introverts. (Like me.)

Discover a Different Way to Pray | An Invitation to Pray With a Labyrinth + Exploring the Roots of Prayer Labyrinths

Someone Else is Already Doing Your Business

How to Feel More Abundant in Your Life and Art

When Breathing is Listening


This is the painting over my altar.

I completed it this week:

Pathfinder  Acrylic on Canvas  20 x 24


Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 24

I also posted a Studio Talk and opened to doors of Creative Sanctuary Sessions.

Honestly, I spent a little time with my coffee this morning entertaining fear. The earth is crying out. Are we listening? Is it too late?

I have to believe it isn't.

Wherever you are today, I hope you are safe. I hope you know how deeply you are loved and how magnificent you are when you let love be your guide.

My hippie dreamer heart believes love will prevail. 

Have a good weekend, my friends.