instagram round-up + goodbye january

The view from here

Well, we've come to the end of this month, the Studio Love Letter went out this morning, and now it's time to round-up my favorite Instagram moments.

I participated in Susannah Conway's Gentle January. I love daily photo prompts and this was such a good, mindful way to begin the year.

Welcome, february

It felt to me like time slowed down a bit during January.

New Year's Day seems like a long time ago.

We had one really good snow, I've painted a lot of little dots, I've sipped many a mug of coffee.

Tracy and I bought our plane tickets and booked our lodging for our trip to LA in March to celebrate his 50th birthday.

I started reading this, and it's excellent, but I'm slow to get through it because of all the EFM reading I have every week.

So maybe slow was a theme of mine for January.

Goodbye, good month. 

Hello, February.