the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING the new season of Grace and Frankie + the weather warm-up (and cool down) + family lunch at Louie's Wine Dive for Chloe's birthday + closet organization + sleeping with the window open on night + taking fun fashion risks + buying plane tickets and booking Air B and B(!)

Links I Loved This Week:

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If you’re going to love, do so because it’s beautiful...because it is essential to life. Not because you want to be loved in return. The Church’s biggest failure is to have adopted the view that God’s love — in the death and resurrection of Christ — was transactional. A death and resurrection in exchange for expiation of sin. No! God loves because it’s God’s nature to love. And ours should be likewise. Love. Because to love is truly to participate in, to become one with, God.
— PunkMonk, SanFrancisco

I like to shop when I'm planning for a trip. I like to fantasize about then trip and imagine myself wearing fantasy outfits then look for similar outfits...thus fulfilling my fantasies. Lately, I'm dreaming about LA and haunting ThredUp.

If you've never tried ThredUp before, and you'd like to, here's a code to use. We'll both get $10 off.

You can get your signature White Ray blend here.

This has been a good and strange week, sometimes slow moving, sometimes fast.

I'm reading Amos and Hosea for EFM; experiencing intense dreams all involving animals like giant black snakes, bears, and bright blue fish; painting, painting, painting, and trying my best to let go and allow life to flow.

I'm experiencing intense hermit-like want-to-stay-in-the-house feelings and missing my daily walks - so I better get out there.




Listing what I love...

Is weekly self-care.

It keeps me grounded in what is delightful and true and just in a world that sometimes seems dark and chaotic.

Join me.

What did you LOVE this week?

The featured image for the Love List is always a spread from my daily sketchbook