the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING cleaning + organizing + the last moments of the Christmas decorations + Earl Grey lavender tea + working on Vision Paintings and holding space for what shows up there + looking toward the new year, which is getting a slow and gentle start + these guys:


Links I Loved This Week:

New Year's Poem

Perspective | My shadow son: a stranger insisted he was my child for more than a decade (an amazing story about how we love one another.)

Postcards connecting the world - Postcrossing

What did you do this year?

where are the midwives?

I ate a lot of food over the holidays. Every year I think I'm not going to do it then bam...I do it. I'm back on track now - even managing to eat fruit salad when it's super cold out.

I'm back on the Hello Fresh this week, too, because I'm just not that great at menu planning, but the people at Hello Fresh really are. (If you use that link, you'll get $40 off your first order.)

As I type this, there's a fine mist of show falling. It's not on the radar, so it's like a little snow gift.

I'm listening to the Sacred Ordinary Days Epiphany playlist.

AND my brother released music this week. His new album is called An Old System and you can get it on Apple Music. It's so good.

Yesterday, I sent out the first completed Vision Painting for the year. I'm so thrilled to be making these paintings, and they are my primary focus right now. 

It's a good, good focus to have.


Naming what I love

Is weekly self-care. It's how I remind myself of what's beautiful and true, and ground myself in a world that sometimes seems chaotic and hopeless.

There is always hope because there is always love.

Join me.

What did you LOVE this week?