prayer paintings are vessels of healing

I don't believe God is a magician nor the universe a vending machine.

I don't believe I can "manifest" whatever I want, or pray the right way and "be blessed."

I don't believe God tests or tricks or punishes or rewards.

I believe God is Love and I believe the only acts God performs are acts of love, the only situations God creates are situations of love. 

My childhood priest used to say we pray for the wrong things.

We try to bargain with God and convince God to change the circumstances of our lives instead of asking for strength to navigate the circumstances of our lives.

While he would likely call what I'm about to say new age bullshit, I think he was talking about energy.

I do believe we can ask for things and receive that for which we ask - sometimes - when what we ask is in accordance with divine will, our soul's plan, the greater good.

Do miracles happen? 

Does spontaneous healing happen?

Yes. And yes.

But not always. 

If I beg God to take away an illness and the illness remains, does it mean I prayed incorrectly or that it's God's plan for me to be ill?

No and No.

The universe is not a system to a game to be played. God is not a man in the sky moving us around on a chess board deciding who lives and who dies.

We are not pawns.

We are beloved creatures of the God of love with hearts that open and close like a camera aperture. 

We open and close to energies.

We open and close to the love of God.

Prayer is about opening that channel, coming into communion with the Divine, allowing the energy of love to flow.

To heal and to cure is Not the same thing.

I say my paintings are vessels of healing.

Does that mean they are magical? Does that mean one of my paintings can remove an illness?

No, It doesn't.

Sometimes we get confused about the word healing, which refers to wholeness, and think it means the absence of pain or the eradication of illness or the slowing down of the aging process or immortality itself.

We get this wrong, I think, about prayer in general.

Now, it's human nature (and a part of my religious tradition) to ask for things in prayer. We're built on hope. There's nothing wrong with wanting an illness to evaporate or a painful situation to dissolve, but when we start to think of God as a short oder cook who can plop whatever we want into our lives, we lose touch with the awesomeness that is God. We lose touch with the nature of healing.

When I paint for you, I pray for you.

I open the channel.

I set an intention.

I allow God's love to flow.

And I trust that when you receive the painting, it will speak to you. It will shift the energy of your space. It will help to open the gateway between your heart and the divine.

These paintings are prayers and therefore, they are vessels of healing.


Prayer doesn't change things.

Prayer changes us, and we change things.

What happens next is up to you.

Maybe you will sit with your painting and open your journal and write what comes to you.

Maybe you will sit with a cup of tea and simply listen.

Maybe you will feel the shift in your energy, in your thoughts, in your environment.

Maybe a color or a shape - a symbol - in the painting will hold meaning for you.

Maybe this is a conversation that will unfold over time. Maybe it is something you will feel the instant the painting is in your hands.

Maybe you are waiting right now for a word or a sign and when you receive a painting there is something in it that speaks the word or shows the sign to you.

I don't know for sure how or why this happens, but I trust that it does.

Divine Love meets every human need.

I don't always know what that means - in what shape or form the help will come - how the need will be met.

But I know that it will be met.

On earth as it is in heaven.

As above, so below.

This process is not about the painting.

the painting is a container.

It's a physical expression of energy and emotion and intention.

It's a reminder of your communion with God, of the closeness of God, of the presence of God in your life and in your heart.

How can a painting be all that?

Because creativity is a sacred language.

Creativity is the language of God.

We are creators made in the image of a creator, and when we engage with creative energy, we remember who and what we are.

When you ask me to pray for you, I paint.

If, when you see your painting, it reminds you that you are deeply and abundantly loved, than it is has done its holy work.

This custom painting by Lori-Lyn is actually *absolute* magic. Beneath this gorgeousness she wrote my intentions/prayers/wishes. She painted on top of them from her heart and intuitive spirit, then she hugged it in to a handmade frame. I’ve been blown away by what I feel this piece has manifested in my life! I see it first thing waking in the door and it feels like a constant high vibration in deep support and cheer for me. To me it works a lot like Feng Shui. It works a lot like the power of intentions.
— Nishaan Sandhu

If a personal prayer painting calls to you, you can read more about that process and purchase yours here.

If you have questions, I'd love to hear from you.

Peace and love you on your journey.