making art + making money

I recently read a blog post (via Slade Roberson) about how the economy for artists and healers and coaches - online entrepreneurs - is changing. 

It seems the old trusted ways of making money online aren't working anymore.

I have to tell you, this sent a jolt of joy through me.

As I stand here at the beginning of 2018,

I am a working artist.

My money comes to me through two channels -

paintings and creativity coaching.

This is the the first time in my life that my financial income is 100 percent reliant on my art, although, I've long considered my "field" to be healing and creativity - so I was kind of working as an artist before I was working as an artist, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, you might wonder why, as someone whose income depends upon making things and selling things, I would be happy to hear that the old ways of working aren't working anymore. The answer is - those old ways that worked for everyone else never worked for me.

I've never been a tele summit sales funnel sort of person.

Even though I've tried just about everything - every piece of advice about selling - it's not my nature to sell.

As long as I've worked for myself I've wished that I could just tell you about what I'm doing and show you what I'm doing and attract you, if you are into it, if it's a good match for you, if it's what you've been looking for.

I Want this work to be a relationship.

Here's a little secret - when I'm doing coaching sessions, it doesn't feel like work. It feels like having tea with my closest friends. The the session or the package is over, I don't stop caring about what's going on in that persons' life and work. I don't stop loving them.

It's true, I love my clients. (Client is such a weird word.)

I work with people I want to spend time with.

When I am creating a prayer painting for someone, I am in love them them. My soul is meeting their soul out there in the ethers and were enjoying this beautiful spiritual communion.

My work is not precise or predictable or measurable.

It's art. 

And love.

And that's a little bit difficult to market. I mean, I don't want to market it. I just want to share it and be myself. And allow you to be yourself and build a sweet and creative community.

So, when I read that things were changing, I thought - Yes! Maybe my way is coming into style! Maybe this is my time!

I was pretty young - around third or fourth grade - when I realized it wasn't my time.

When I observed the world and how people worked and made money and how other kids could say what they wanted to be when they grew up (have you ever stopped to think how bizarre that is - that we ask children what they want to be when what we really mean is how are they going to make money?) that I was out of step.

When I was in my last year of college, the other people I knew - even the other art majors - had plans. They knew what they were going to do, or at least what they wanted to do, to make money. 

I didn't.

I wanted to make things.

I knew who I was. I knew what I wanted to be. I just didn't know how to be myself in such a way that money would find me.

And here I've been ever since, getting older and at times, feeling like a complete failure when it comes to money.

This year, I'm putting that idea down.

I'm just walking away from it - all the crap I learned from the time I was born into this world about the starving artist, all the beliefs about how the world works and what your'e supposed to do - my entire past - all of it.

I'm simply putting it down and walking away from it.

Money is just money.

While, yes, I do believe the worship of money is the root of evil (and wow, are we seeing that play out right now), money isn't evil. Money is just money.

And there's no reason why you or I can't experience a flow of money by doing what we do and being what we are.

No. Reason.

People flow with money in all sorts of fields, doing all sorts of things.

It's okay to love money and let money love us.

Does that feel uncomfortable to you? Because it sure does to me.

But here I am.

Opening my heart to money.

This was my response to the Gentle January prompt I Love:

It's true. 

I love this.

I love this work I've created. I love praying for you with paint. I love meeting you for creative conversations. I love the energy of creation. I love making art.

I'm going to be marketing my work - posting about it, talking about it - a lot more this year. I feel good about promotion, because I believe in what I'm doing. 

For years - decades - I asked, prayed, affirmed, vision boarded - I want to make money doing what I love. I want to make money doing what you (God) sent me here to do.

Maybe this is my time. 

Maybe it's yours, too. 

Doesn't that feel good?

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