a slow start to a new year

In the past I've seen New Year's Eve and New Year's Day as a golden gateway - a beautiful doorway of leaving the old behind and stepping into the new.

New Year's Day felt like a completely clean slate.

In the past, I would go to Whole Foods or some such place a few days before and buy a candle from the holiday sale rack, usually scented with peppermint or evergreen.

On New Year's Day, I would light those candles and write and in my journal and rearrange my house and call in the new energy and feel instantly reborn.

It didn't really happen that way this year.

For one thing, we did a lot of celebrating of the holidays, including going out on New Year's Eve.

It was a great time with family and delicious foods.

On New Year's Day - I was tired. The house wasn't clean. I just wanted to...rest.

Of course, I wrote in my journal and dreamed about the coming year, but I didn't feel the moment.

This year feels more like a slow roll.

I keep telling people I'm having a difficult time with re-entry, with coming out of the holidays back into regularly scheduled time.

In Dream Group, I mentioned that I hadn't experienced the big sweeping fresh start feeling of the new year and a friend asked, "Did you maybe experience that at the liturgical new year? During Advent?"

Hmmm. Maybe, I thought.

At any rate, this year doesn't feel like years past and that's fine.

All that stuff I typically do on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day? It's not a magic formula. 

It's the prayer and intention and re-alignement that's important, not the how and when.

I chose my word for the year and started collecting images and I have a basic understanding of what I'm calling in with that word, but it hasn't made itself fully known to me yet. I'm still putting things in the mix and taking things out. I'm still considering 2018 and where I might like to go and what I might like to experience and what I'm willing to leave behind.

Perhaps you are too.

Maybe that's just how this new year wants to be.

Maybe she's gathering herself, walking slowing through the garden gazing at the flowers and and the foliage, considering what's ready to come into her bouquet. 

We’re all just walking each other home.
— Ram Dass

Maybe, just maybe, we have all the time in the world and don't need to rush a thing.

As I'm working on Vision Paintings, I find myself wondering if there's someone out there who intended to purchase one, who considered it, bookmarked it, but then didn't feel ready to send me their vision.


I wonder if there's someone who thinks it's too late.

Here's the thing and it's so, so important:

It's not too late.

Not at all.

I paint Personal Prayers all year long but these Vision Paintings - I'm painting these babies all the way through the middle of March. 

If this offering is calling to you, if you think you'd like to have a painting serve as your vision board for the year, a sacred container for your wishes and dreams, you can request it anytime before February 28.

If you're still unsure about your vision, let's talk about it.

I love this process. I love what's happening with paintings, and I want to create what wants to be created for you.

That Ram Dass quote was once the tagline on my website. 

It's the truth. The beautiful truth.

Everything we do and say, our work, our connections, our relationships - we are in every moment finding our way back to God, seeing the Divine in ourselves and one another.

That's why I paint for you.

That's why the paintings I create on your behalf sing and speak and whisper to us both.

Because they're not just paintings. 

They're not just art objects.

They are living, breathing, mutable prayers.

The new year is gently unfolding.

There's no need to rush a thing because everything is in the hands of the Divine.