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THIS WEEK I'M LOVING Oprah's Golden Globes speech + getting back to EFM + incredibly slow mornings + Halo Top (not new to me, but I'm rediscovering it) + Beverly Hills 90210 on Hulu (Listen. It makes me feel young.)

I'm in the studio painting your visions for 2018, and it's really amazing. 

This process just knocks me out.

Each time I step in front of the canvas and write a prayer, the sweet smell of sage wrapping itself around me, I'm transported into an in-between world.

I'm so honored to be in the studio with your prayers, watching what comes into being for you.

This year is certainly getting off to a wonderful start. (Inside the studio at least.)

Links I Loved This Week:

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Priestessing the Priestess

Because beautifying is part of my intention for the year, I'm going to be sharing a little bit more about my skincare, cosmetic, self-care, putting-myself-together life in 2018. (It's all creativity.)

And I've decided to add a little video to the Love List. This one features shaky camera work and is really sorta weird, but hey, it was made on the fly!

I believe it was one of my favorite vloggers, Susan (Little Poet) who recommended this rose water as a make-up setting spray, and I'm loving it.


Also mentioned in this video:

Liquitex Satin Finish Varnish

St. Ives Collagen Moisturizer

Belle Ceour Wisdom

Ink and Honey

Music Credit: Acoustic Breeze Ben Sound

I LOVE it when people who have received one of my paintings share on social media. It helps me so much in getting the word out about what I do, and I think painting recipients can speak to the healing properties of the paintings better than I can.

Plus, my heart leaps when I see the paintings in their homes with their people. This is the beautiful (and peace full) Jodi with her birthday prayer painting. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 5.32.31 PM.png

There is still time to purchase a Vision Painting to hold the intentions of your year.

If this is calling to you, you can learn more here.


Naming what I love

Is weekly self-care.

It's a way for me to stay grounded and breathe into what is true and beautiful and good.

Let's stay in the light and lead with love.

Join me.

What did you love this week?