the love list

Last weekend, I went to an event to write postcards encouraging voters to get out for the midterms and support Amy McGrath for Congress.

I strongly agree with her on the issues and am vehemently opposed to the re-election of the person she’s running against, but it is the fact that she isn’t running attack ads that tells me everything I need to know about her.

Getting together with other women in a warm beautiful space and writing postcards felt good, it felt like doing something. It was a small action, maybe, but it was an action.

It was a reminder that it’s better to do something small than to do nothing. Everything is energy and I’m making choices about my energy in every moment - what I am sending out, what I am feeding, what I am believing.

Imagine if we each did that all the time.

So, with a bit of renewed hope, it’s onward with the list of what I loved this week.


The Unconventional Life of Mary Walker, the Only Woman to Have Received the U.S. Medal of Honor

Art and Angels

Make Your Own Festive Bat Dress

Boffo Color

The Ancestor’s Bonfire

‘Stand Up And Tell Us About Yourself’ is Pure Torture For Introverts

Speaking of introverts, this week was a lot like being in a cave for me:

In other news of last weekend, we had our annual neighborhood ghost walk with psychic medium Kathryn Kauffman. It was so fun, and educational. I love this event!

We celebrated National Pug Day this week:

Some people found this photo disturbing, but the boys were like, yeah, whatever.


I hope it’s beautiful where you are.

I hope the light is golden and your sleep is deep.

What did you love this week?