the love list

It’s Friday and time to list the things I loved this week.

This was one of those weeks where I didn’t do much of what was written in my planner because other things came up and pressed those plans out of the way.

It was a good lesson in letting go and being in the moment.

I did have a beautiful day with my mother, great aunt, and grandmother visiting family graves.

And I moved my painting studio on to the back porch so that both dogs could be out there with me and we could watch what was going on outside while painting and napping. (I didn’t do the napping.)


Finding Your Creative Medicine

Hilma of Klint, the Spiritualist Painter Who Pioneered Abstract Art

This is Just My Face

I’m listening to When Ghosts Speak on Audilbe, and it’s fascinating.

I am so delighted, to be featured in the latest issue of Sentire, an international journal for everyone interested in flower and vibrational essences.

Sentire Issue 5 features articles on Wild Earth Animal Essences and Emotional Healing, Flower Essences to Access our Perfect Wellbeing, Ritual and Ceremony in our Daily Lives, Surrendering to Resistance, Artists Inspired by Nature (that’s me!), Essences and the Wheel of the Year, Forming Alliances with Plants for Psychic Hygiene and Self Healing, Book Reviews, Notes from the Field and How to Make An Essence.

You can learn more and order your copy here.

I hope you are firmly in the moment, your moment, breathing love.

I hope you are noticing beauty.

I hope you are feeling goodness moving through you.

Happy weekend.