the love list

So it’s still hot here. I’m trying to make the best of that, though it does not fit in to my October plans.

I’m doing my best to stay upright and breathe beneath the weight of open, hostile, unchecked misogyny.

I’m trying to keep my heart in love and not lose all hope about our future.

We will get through these dark times. We will be better for it. Good will prevail.

It’s Friday and this is the love list

Last Sunday I restored my soul with Evensong at the cathedral.

If you’ve never gone to an Episcopal evensong, and want to do something beautiful, find the closest one to you and go. (There’s no Eucharist or sermon, just prayers and music.)


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Ya’ll. I have some exciting coffee news.

I’ve always loved the idea of flavored coffee, but have found them disappointing - either because they don’t taste like the flavor they claim to be or because they leave a chemical sort of aftertaste.

This week, I came across Bones Coffee and saw all of these delicious-looking flavors and I couldn’t help myself, I ordered up some S’morey Time.

This coffee is so good. So good.

No aftertaste, just deliciousness.

Plus, I’m a sucker for arty packaging.

I got to visit The Encausticastle!

My friend Carol was doing a residency there.

It was beautiful and downright magical.

I am going on a little adventure today.

I hope you can find an adventure too.

Hang in there.

Take care of yourself.

Know that you are loved.