the love list

Just like that, it’s Friday, and this is the Love List, where I share moments, links, and other things I loved this week, as well as some pics from my Insta feed.

This was Halloween week, obviously.

My mother came over to help me hand out candy and reassure children that although my dogs are loud, they’re friendly.

I went to noonday Eucharist on All Saints Day - I love those small midday services and this one was particularly lovely because it was so grey outside.

You have heard the whispers on quiet summer evenings when you have been walking alone. They are the sound of the ancestors, speaking softly just on the other side of what we call real. You have seen the strange lights at twilight, like candles lit in evening rooms, beckoning people home to houses you cannot see. You have felt the touch on your shoulder, when you were deep in prayer or bent with worry, and known the energy that hums along the wires of faith, the presence of a power that knows how to heal. You have experienced the physical mystery that surrounds us, the mystery of the Spirit, the thousand tiny proofs that we live next door to heaven, waking up in a wonder we are only beginning to discover.
— Steven Charleston

Suddenly here, the leaves are turning.

We’ve had proper November wind and rain.

I love the transition of autumn and I’m thinking about how to make a pinecone wreath for the door.

I wish you love and peace this weekend.

(And don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!)