charting november

Welcome to November.

At the start of this new month, I’m looking at my planner, reflecting on October, and dreaming into the future.

October Recap

My Studio Goals for October were:

  • Complete and launch the Mother Mary course (This is on hold.)

  • Book two Personal Prayer Paintings (Booked one.)

  • Complete first draft of Red Velvet novel (Wrote something else instead.)

  • Record and publish fourth podcast (Recorded two, then rejected them!)

My Personal Goals for October were:

  • Make backyard beautiful and usable for fall (Kinda happened.)

  • Usual on-going clutter clear-out (On-going)

  • Go to yoga 2-3 times a week (Working on it…)

  • Release more weight BLE-ing (Lost six pounds.)

  • Go on a hike (Nope.)

If it seems like I failed at meeting my goals last month, I had an epiphany about lists like these.

Allow me to explain:

Goals for November

  • Vote in the midterm elections (Not really a goal, as I am definitely going to do this.)

  • Release at least 6 pounds

  • Build my yoga practice

  • Paint for Nashville exhibition

  • Sell paintings in an art auction online

  • Open my heart wider

  • Tend more mindfully to my energy and chakra health

  • Cultivate peace

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving

  • Connect with coaching clients

  • Deepen my relationship to the angelic realm

WISDOM Card for November

The outspread wings of Crow and Archangel signify safety and protection...Amber honey fills the background, against which the three inky-feathered birds seem almost to progressively transform into the form of Michael, standing ready to defend.
— Belle Coeur Wisdom Pacquet


The Belle Coeur Wisdom Pacquet

Creative Conversations - one on one coaching, intuitive work, energy healing

Personal Prayer Paintings


I would LOVE to paint for you or work with you in November.

I hope you have a peaceful and beautiful month.