the love list

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to list what I loved this week.

Last Friday, I visited one of my favorite towns. I’d been there once before and this return convinced me that yes indeed, this is one of my favorite towns.

The place is Madison, Indiana, on the banks of the Ohio River - filled with antique malls, art, coffee, and historic homes.

I’d love to go back one more time this fall and spend the night.

On Sunday, Good Shepherd had our annual Blessing of the Animals. It’s the one day a year our whole little family goes to church, and the boys love it.

Unfortunately, it was about five billion degrees so we had to get back to the house as quickly as possible.

pet blessing.jpg

The temperature has, thankfully, dropped now and we’re feeling more like fall.

We also celebrated my brother’s birthday this week, and my youngest niece Emme’s birthday.

I did some shopping for her at one of my favorite places. It’s one of those (incense-laden counter culture) shops that’s been in business for a long time without changing the heart of what it is.

I’m grateful it’s still there and I hope it remains…well…forever.

Tomorrow begins my neighborhood’s Halloween festivities. We have a ghost walk around the hood with a medium. Afterwards, she’s going to do tarot readings in my dining room while I serve drinks and snacks on my front porch.

You have no idea the amount of cleaning and preparation I have to do in order to allow other people into my pug palace, but I’m really excited about this event.

What did you love this week?

I hope you spend some time in the dappled sunlight this weekend.

Much love,