the love list

It’s Friday and that means the Love List, where I notice what I loved this week and share some pics from my Instagram feed.

This week, I’ve been getting ready for this.

That has been the primary focus these past few days. Of course, I also did a little online shopping and watching of Hallmark movies.

The moments I loved this week were text exchanges, conversations with people I love, snow flurries, warm blankets, and candles that smell like nordic pine.


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I posted about my November recap, dreaming into December video yesterday, in case you missed it.

Fr. Andrew (and the choir) sang this on Sunday:

The kingdom of god is justice and peace
And joy in the Holy Spirit
Come, Lord and open in us the gates of your kingdom

You can listen to the sermon here.

Thank you for being you.

Have a beautiful weekend.

I love you.