the love list

Welcome to the weekend.

On Fridays, I share the Love List, moments and links and other stuff I loved this week, plus glimpses into my Instagram feed.

Last weekend was luscious. The weather was sunny and crisp and I went to an amazing sound healing on Saturday:

I’ve been called to lean more into energy work lately, and this was just what I needed. It’s true that the paintings are infused with healing energy, and I offer a distance healing option with Creative Conversations - maybe the call is simply to engage more in energy work as a part of my self-care practice, but I suspect there’s something else, some other way it’s asking to come forward.

On Sunday evening, there was a beautiful Evensong for All Saints Day with the reading of our necrology.

On Election Day, I caught a glimpse of Steve Zahn handing out campaign swag for Amy McGrath.

Yesterday, I participated in Laura Tremaine’s One Day Hour by Hour on Instagram and shared my day.

These are difficult times in our country and our world.

These are times of collapse and rebuilding.

We must not lose heart. We must instead allow our hearts to expand. We must find and honor our compassion, our hope, and even our joy.

Love is greater than fear

Tomorrow, I’m going to another Self-Care Saturday at my yoga studio - this one includes some Reiki and I’m ready to relax.

Please take time for yourself this weekend - space in silence or pleasure - care for yourself and fill up your well.

What did you love this week?