the love list

It’s Friday and I’m listing the links and moments I loved this week, plus sharing a peek into my Insta feed.

We’re enjoying our giant tomten advent calendar…

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 8.38.20 AM.png

I made several trips to the library this week with my niece. We’ve had great discussions about the books we like and why we like them.

Plus, I saw this:

I lit up one of the candles I bought during the Bath and Body Works sale. This is a subtle, but delicious scent:

This week in yoga class, we were in pigeon, opening the hips, where the body stores unresolved emotions. Our instructor said, “Let go of the story that has been written into your body. Make room for joy.”

I allowed myself to sink a little bit deeper into the stretch, which was uncomfortable, but good.

I breathed.

I felt my breath move through me.

I thought how perfect her words were for Advent.

I hope you are finding moments this week that allow you to let go and make room.

Peace + Love,