the love list

Welcome to Friday.

And welcome to the Love List, where I notice the moments and links I loved this week plus share a peek into my Instagram feed.

Last weekend, Tracy and I went to Nashville.

We hung a show, ate delicious food, and had a wonderful visit with my BFF.

I’d like to do a star lamp arrangement like this in my house:

Hey, sometimes while shopping…you get stuck in a mirror.

It happens.

Mandy and I visited St. Ann’s Episcopal Church for the first Sunday of Advent. It was sweet and welcoming and they had beautiful art on the walls, including this:


Digging Deep for the Promises

We Sat. Waiting.

From the beginning, we have fretted over the end

I love all of Richard Rohr’s meditations but this series on the Universal Christ is amazingly good.

Surprisingly, I watched the Lexington Christmas Parade this week.

And I’m participating in Advent Word, as I always do.

I love this meditative practice.

I had a dream this week that I was telling someone I’d started writing morning pages again, only they were more like letters to God.

Morning Letters to God doesn’t sound like a half-bad idea.

I’ve also been creating some Guadalupe paintings for an art sale at church to benefit Hope for Tomorrow.

Recent Posts

On the blog lately, in case you missed it:

the divine guidance paintings

dreaming december

Your Sacred Word.png

I am accepting orders for Word of the Year paintings.

If you choose a guiding word or intention for the year, I’d love to paint it for you.

You can learn more about that right here.


I’m wishing you peace and love for the second Sunday of Advent and your weekend.

I’m wishing you peace and love and joy every day.

Thank you for being here. You sure are beautiful.

What did you love this week?